About Us

sweden We are a group of library related people, library developers and library CEO’s, who have received a grant from the Swedish Library Organisation to make a study tour to San Antonio, Texas. The main purpose of our trip is to study the first all digital library, BiblioTech, and how it looks like as a physical location. What is the physical library’s role in a world with only digital media? In light of the discussion in Sweden, we think it might be interesting to explore new examples that are interesting from both perspectives, ie both how to affirm the development of the digital media while preserving the role of the physical library may after all have switched to become digitally.

Furthermore, we want to study how public organizations are working to bridge the digital divide in society. What is the most effective way to reach out with virtual services to residents and how to provide the opportunity to learn the technique.

Anja Leiding
final_anjaI’m working as an library developer at a county library in Östergötland, Sweden. In my roll I focus on the libraries’ online services and quality. Leads and coordinates networks for municipal libraries webmasters and database managers.


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Ann Östman
I´m working as a library consultant at a county library in Gävleborg, Sweden. My main task is to initiate and support development of libraries in my county. My main focus is in media -and IT-development.


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Birgitta Hellman Magnusson
final_birgittaI am working as a library director in the municipality of Motala, Sweden, with 42000 inhabitants. Our library is a part of a bigger cooperation, Götabiblioteken, which give library service to more than 450000 citizens in the county of Östergötland. I think libraries have an important roll in the digital age to bridge the digital gap and give access to information and ICT-knowledge for everyone.


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Camilla Källgren
camillaI’m working as a library developer at a county library in Värmland, Sweden. My main tasks are business intelligence and to initiate, support and lead development of libraries in my county. My main focus are ICT, media and accessibility.


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Catarina Filipovic
final_catarinaI´m working as a library director in the municipality of Söderhamn, Sweden. We are fifteen people working at the main library and our two branches . We, as a municipality, are a part of a bigger cooperation where all ten municipalities in the county have a close connection and function as one library. My main tasks are to lead and develop the library. My main focus is on promoting literacy for children and accessibility. 

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