Monday the 16th of February

saplSan Antonio Public Library
On Monday we’re visiting San Antonio Public Library. The central library with its 26 branches provide the municipals, not only the traditional supplies, but also a wide range of tech and computer classes, arts and crafts and much more.

In the afternoon we’re visiting one of the branches, Igo Branch Library.

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Tuesday the 17th of February


On Tuesday we’re going to visit the first all digital public library, BiblioTech. The Head Librarian Ashley Eklof is our guide the whole day.

There is a main library with one branch and another under construction. The digital libraries are playing a key role in bringing young and old people into the digital world that many of us are struggling with.

In the morning we’re making a visit at Kitty Hawk Middle School and at Jefferson highschool to see when BiblioTech will promote the digital library to the students.

Biblio Tech West
After lunch we’re visiting Biblio Tech West, a branch under construction, a 2,100-square-foot branch at the Gardens at San Juan Square. The branch will provide more than 23,000 e-books made available through cloud storage and they offer the municipals to check out one of 50 e-readers to take the experience home.

Biblio Tech South, Bexar County
Finally we will visiting the Biblio Tech South, the main library that been running for one and a half year.

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Wednesday the 18th of February

final_nwNelson Wolff, Bexar County Judge
Meeting with Mr Nelson Wolff, Bexar County Judge, who came up with the idea and plans to launch the nation’s first bookless public library system. Mr Wolff’s idea was a library that helped an underserved neighborhood in a truly modern way. The result was an all digital library – BiblioTech.

BiblioTech Central Jury
One of the branches, BiblioTech Central Jury.

Biblio Tech South, Bexar County
Back to BiblioTech South to speak more with the staff and to interview some of the visitors.


Thursday the 19th of February

gbThe Geekbus
On Thursday the Geekbus is visiting the High School at Boggess Center and we’re meeting up with Mark Barnett, Director of STEM Programs and the captain of the Geekbus who will let us observe and ask questions during the day.

The Geekbus is a mobile makerspace equipped with maker materials, 3D printers, electronics etc. The bus travels to schools or other organizations to provide science, technology, engineering and math educational experiences in their classrooms with the goal to spark students’ interests in these subjects.  With the Geek bus’ programs, students will be given the opportunity to learn new skills by using tools and equipment that they may not have access to otherwise. The programs aim to create the next generation of local talents in science, technology, engineering and math.

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Friday the 20th of February

Writing, dokumentation…



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